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The Internet Millionaires Academy will be held at the Renaissance Hotel Heathrow, TW6 2AQ between the 21st and 23rd January 2011.

This is a multi speaker event with both British and overseas speakers, some of them are:

  • Adeel Chowdry – from serving in McDonalds to producing number one clickbank products and earning a profit of over a million dollars a year
  • Saj P –  CPA master and producer of several number one clickbank products
  • Andrew X – a mystery man who has produced cash flows of over five million dollars in a year
  • Adam Ginsberg – made his money selling on ebay and is probably the worlds number one ebay trainer
  • Jani G – mastered facebook and then went on to create clickbank products on it and now lives the Internet lifestyle 
  • Larry Loik – On and offline marketing guru and also heads up a property investors group
  • Simon Coulson – After redundancy from BT Simon turned to internet marketing and his businesses now turnover more than 1.5 million pounds a year
  • Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal – Jimmy  and Anik of Affiliate Classroom / Lurn inc. make over 10 million dollars a year from affiliate marketing.
  • Scott Rewick – a media buying guru who has spent over USD 100m. Also was a co founder of a couple of major affiliate networks  

Click here for more information.

Success Resources present the Global Internet Seminar at the Earls Court Conference centre, London. The seminar series on its London stop is to be held between 29th and 31st October 2010.

The speakers for the seminar are:

  • Paul O Mahony and Mili Ponce –  known as the twitter king and queen, they are social media experts, coaches and product creators
  • Chris Bowser– has been selling on the internet for over 8 years. It started as a hobby selling on ebay and soon became a business bringing 2,500 US Dollars a week selling 30 to 40 products
  • Jeff Mills – internationally known for personal branding and outsourcing. Jeff was a surfer, then started a number of internet businesses and now helps entrepreneurs around the world
  • Ken Sapp – is a twitter strategist and internet marketing specialist. He learned a few strategies, created some profitable online businesses and is now a youth mentoring specialist     
  • Simon Coulson – after 14 years at BT, Simon started an  internet business which went on to make 2 million pounds from his spare room. Now his internet businesses bring in over 1.5 million a year
  • John Lee– Author, mentor and speaker John came from a film industry background and then combined his technical skills with internet marketing to source properties which allowed to build a multi million pound property portfolio
  • Shaun Stenning– Author and international speaker Shaun has been an internet marketer for 7 years and has been a consultant to a number of multi million dollar internet businesses 
  • Vince Tan – he was into computers at a young age and started creating websites. After lecturing for a while he decided to run his website business full time. He discovered Internet Marketing at the World Internet Summit and later came back as a speaker to earn $100,000 in 3 days with their challenge 
  • Tom Hua– one of the early internet marketers, Tom is a founder of the World Internet Summit and also runs a software, seo and hosting business
  • Ewen Chia – known as the worlds number 1 super affiliate and once made 1.5 Million US Dollars in 48 hours, all with free traffic

 Click here for more information about the Global Internet Seminar including the attendee bonuses from Tom, Vince and Simon Leung.

Adeel Chowdhry and BA Wealth present the Internet Millionaires Masterclass 2010 at the Thistle Hotel Marble Arch, London between the 3rd and 5th September 2010.

This is a free event, but requires a small deposit refundable on attendance.

Some of the speakers for this masterclass are:

Saj P – the author of multiple clickbank number one products and world recognised CPA expert, Saj is known for giving away tips from stage

Andrew X – has earned over 5 Million dollars from clickbank

Adeel Chowdhry – successful clickbank product creator

Jani G – a young internet entrepreneur who shot to fame as he topped the leader board in the Google Sniper launch and then went on to create his own product

Simon Coulson – Simon has generated over 6 million pounds from his internet businesses after being made redundant from BT. 

David Cavanagh – Internet coach and mentor from Australia but currently living in Pattaya Beach, Thailand. David was also voted best speaker at World Internet Summit

Andy Harrington – is a leading authority on success psychology. He is an NLP master, inspires people to reach their goals and teaches public speaking. 

Anik Singal – Marketing for over 7 years online has made him USD 32 Million

Mark Vurnum – is an ex brit, lead generation expert who currently lives the lifestyle in Cyprus. He has over 6,000 sites bringing him in USD 150,000 a month 

Daniel Wagner – Austrian Internet marketer, coach and mentor who is a regular on the London seminar circuit and now also currently lives in Cyprus.

Click here to find out more about the internet millionaires masterclass.

Kelvin Ugbodu and econfex’s Steve Foley present the Super Affiliate and Product Launch Bootcamp to be held at the Holiday Inn, Heathrow, Sipson Road, West Drayton, London UB7 0JU between 31st July 2010 and 1st August 2010.

The event is a free seminar with a paid joint venture dinner on Saturday evening. Also with the Joint Venture dinner ticket you get 10 other bonuses including products for you to resell.

The speakers for the event are:

Saj P , Simon Coulson , Stuart Ross , Nicola Cairncross , Simon Stepsys , Craig Richards , Sohail Khan , Sarah Staar , Mark Lyford , Kavit Haria, Steve Foley and Mili Ponce

To find out more about the event and book, click here.

Mark Anastasi presents the Clickbank Millionaire Masterclass between the 24th and 27th June 2010 at a hotel in London.

At Mark’s last seminar he noticed that there was another meeting going on outside of the seminar where successful marketers were swapping stories and techniques, so he decided to put on an event about making money with clickbank and set about persuading these marketers to come and share their secrets with the public. Hence the Clickbank Millionaire Masterclass was born.

Some of the speakers at the summit:

Anik Singal – made over $10M from affiliate marketing and product launches

Andrew and Daryl Grant – made over $1m from clickbank

Andrew X – $1m a year from clickbank

Chris Farrell – $1k a day from clickbank

Chris Freville – $250k from clickbank in 7 days

George Brown – $1.5m on clickbank

Jani G – $110k in 6 days from clickbank

Roy Carter – $31k in 15 mins

Saj P – $735k in 4 months

Soren Jordansen & Cindy Battye – $1m a year from clickbank

Thursday, the first day will be for beginners and Mark Anastasi will go over:

  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • What really makes money on the internet
  • How to get rich in 2010
  • 12 rapid product creation strategies
  • The shortcut to creating lucrative info products
  • How to publish your ebook for maximum profits
  • The internet millionaire mindset

To find out more click here

Keith Wellman and Gary Ambrose present the Gateway to Wealth Seminar between 16th and 18th April 2010.

This seminar is actually in Chicago, Illinois and is being streamed live for free ( and the video / sound is good over broadband ).  The event timing is between 10:00 and 19:00 Eastern which I think is 15:00 to 23:59 uk time.

The speakers are:

  • Keith Wellman – video skinning
  • Gary Ambrose – email marketing
  • Russell Brunson – Affiliate Marketing and Business Systems
  • Stephen Pierce – best selling author and internet multi millionaire
  • Bill Walsh – Professional speaker, internet entrepreneur and marketing expert
  • Simon Leung – ex google adwords optimisation expert
  • Sean Roach – the ‘think outside of the box guy’
  • Adam Ginsberg – probably the worlds number one ebay trainer
  • PJ Van Hulle – property investor, public speaker and money mentor
  • Jeff Wellman – speaker and Marketing coach
  • Greg Cesar – google adwords expert

 I realise this is not a London Seminar but I think it will add value to your education and for those of you with broadband it costs nothing more.

So if you are interested in finding out more click here.

Paul O’Mahony and Mili Ponce ( the twitter king and queen ) present a 3 day seminar in London between 5th and 7th March 2010 called the Social Media Bootcamp. The seminar will be held at the Radisson Edwardian Heathrow, UB3 5AW and Mili and Paul have also invited along some other guest speakers:

Mark Anastasi – a former broke security guard who turned his life around with Internet Marketing and then formed a seminar company to bring that knowledge to the masses and change thier lives. Mark has recently been doing a series of Speed Cash seminars that showcase the traffic strategies.  

Andy Harrington – is one of the leading authorities on the psychology of success in the uk. Andy is an NLP master and his flagship weekend event the power to achieve has changed many lives. You can get a 7 minute taster of what he can do from here or for a limited time he is offering a free dvd of his presentation at the O2.

Saj P – Clickbank best selling product creator 5 times over, his latest was Banner Ad Blueprint which is currently top in the E Business and E Marketing category. Saj is mainly known for his CPA expertise and also for giving so much quality information from stage.

Jeff Mills – internationally known as an outsourcing expert. 

Daniel Wagner – property Investor and Internet Marketer. He also runs a successful coaching and mentoring business.

Steven Essa – rose quickly to fame from his attendance at WIS. Steven is an expert in webinars and can show you how they can be used in a number of ways to build quick and longer lasting income streams.

Jason Osborne – known as Mr Article Marketing, he has over 2,000 articles online that brings a constant stream of visitors to his sites.

Chris Farrell – a full time Internet Marketer, Broadcaster, Writer and Product developer. Chris quickly grew his income to over $30k a month now.

Ciaran Doyle – Ciaran’s area of expertise is Traffic Generation both free and paid.

Sohail Khan –  is a JV ( joint venture ) expert and is a co-founder of the JV University.

If you are quick you can go here and get complimentary tickets making this a great free internet marketing seminar.

See you there.

Mark Anastasi presents his Speedcash Mastermind event at a hotel near Heathrow, London on the 20th February 2010.

Also speaking at this underground seminar are:
Brian Wynn who left his banking job in 2007 and now currently earns $53,000 a month with clickbank and affiliate marketing
Kunjal K who also left his banking job in 2007 and is now currently earns $85,000 a month with clickbank and affiliate marketing
Simon Coulson the ‘6 million dollar man’ who is one of the UK’s top internet marketers and coach fresh from his O2 presentation
Saj P  who is a clickbank best selling author of Banner Ad Blueprint,  Zero Friction Marketing, Affiliate Funnel System, Affiliate Payload, The Site Rush and Four Tier Annihilation Method on affiliate marketing, ebay and CPA.
Daniel Wagner is an internet marketing mentor
Reed Floren  who is a Joint Venture, Giveaway event and list building expert.

This will be a full day from 09:00 to 21:00


Click here to get a free ticket if you are prepared to make a charitable donation to One Cause UK which helps under priviledged children around get ahead thanks to education.

Saj P ( one of the regulars now on our speakers circuit ) has teamed up with a Marketer from the US, Philip Mansour and has just released his latest product Banner Ad Blueprint.  Saj is popular at the London Seminars as he is well known for the amount and quality of free content he gives out.

Saj has previously released the clickbank best sellers:

The popular perception is that most traffic comes from the search engines and pay per click but the big internet marketers had discovered that there was a far better source and that is Targetted Banner Trafic. If they did it correctly then they could reduce cost per click and increase conversions. So Banner ad Blueprint was created to lift the lid on this traffic goldmine and bring it to the masses. It is 12 hours of tutorials delivered in 38 videos telling  you things such as:

  • what banner sizes are most effective
  • how to target correctly
  • where to find things to promote, theres more than just clickbank ebooks
  • should you use a landing page, optin etc?
  • where to get banners, for free

You would probably expect this to be another 1,000+ course you see the gurus offering, if so you will be really surprised how low this information is being released for and because of thier confidence in the product there is an 8 week refund period for you to try it out or get a no question refund.

Have a look here and grab yourself a bargain and boat loads of traffic.

Its worth a visit just for the free 49 minute run through of the system!

Steve Foley and e-Confex present the Wealth Creation Summit, to be held at the Novotel Hotel, Cherry Lane, West Drayton, Heathrow.

The Summit will be held between 09:00 on 28th November 2009 and 18:00 on 29th November 2009.

There is a line up of new and established speakers across a variety of subjects as follows:

Saj P – his products include: Affiliate Payload, Four Tier Annihilation Method,  Affiliate Funnel System, Zero Friction Marketing and The Site Rush which were all clickbank best sellers. He is best known for his expertise in Cost per Action marketing.

Simon Coulson – the ex BT man who has netted over 6 million with his internet businesses to become one of the UK’s top internet marketers and coach. He also provides a DVD home study course.

Dr David Kyte – one of the few people that have been invited to speak at Stompernet ( the world’s premier SEO training faculty ). He is probably the UK’s number 1 expert in this field.

Dr Javaid Kiyani is a Property entrepreneur and author of best selling property books HMO Property Riches and Your Property Bible for which he is well known. He will tell you how he did it.

Sarah Staar – who quietly makes money on the internet whilst doing SEO consultancy and running a video production business. Sarah’s latest venture is her own Internet TV station.

Mark NathwaniGenie Dream creator will talk on PLR and Resell Rights products and how to make money with them.  

Paul Elliott – Entrepreneur, coach and Social Media expert. Paul will show you how to grow your business using Social Media.

Peter Burnett – Web Designer Peter will show you how to make your site stand out from the crowd.

David Lee – One of the UK’s top Property Lease Options experts. Working with Ric Otton his programs are Buy a house for a pound and Transaction Engineer.

Mili Ponce – a former systems administrator discovered twitter and other social media sites and has devised a system to drive traffic to your business. 

Tom J Miller – is also into using Social Media to drive traffic, but he adds his own effective little twists to achieve that bit more.

To find out more and to book, click here.

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