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Success 2013 is coming to London’s Excel, E16 1XL on 28th September 2013.

Success resources has brought together some of the top experts in their fields, the speakers are:

  • Hillary Devey – award winning business woman, entrepreneur, Pal ex founder and TV personality ( Secret Millionaire, The Business Inspector and Dragons Den )
  • Les Brown  – Motivational speaker, coach and best selling author.
  • James Caan – Investor, Entrepreneur, best selling author and TV personality ( Dragons Den )
  • Brendon Burchard – Branding Strategist, Online marketer and best selling author
  • Scott Harris – Life Strategist, coach, business consultant and one of Tony Robbins leading trainers
  • Andy Harrington – Public Speaker trainer and founder of The Professional Speakers Accademy
  • Dr Rohan Weerasinghe – Property Investment expert and educator
  • Gerry Robert – best selling author, international speaker and mentor

For more information click here



The laptop millionaire Mark Anastasi is coming to London between 1st and 3rd February 2013.

The world tour stops at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel, London SW7 4LH for three days to celebrate the success of the book and meet fans.

During the three days Mark will almost solely be presenting helped out on certain subjects by Steven and Corinna Essa. He will be sharing strategies and delivering content on subjects such as:

  • Power of list building
  • Running a seven figure business
  • Killer marketing hooks
  • Creating information products
  • Joint ventures
  • Traffic and Conversion
  • Multiple streams of passive income
  • Launch formula
  • Doubling your sales
  • Getting the right mindset

and Steven and Corinna will deliver on Social Media and Webinars.

To find out more and get your ticket without cost, click here.

Blak Pearl presents Unleash the Business Within to be held between the 13th and the 15th July 2012 at the Hotel Ibis, Earls Court London, SW6 1UD.

The speakers for the event will be:

  • Ruby Wax – actress, comedian, with a Psychotherapy Msc helping businesses with communication and understanding to provide a better, more productive workplace and client relations
  • Karren Brady – author, TV host and the first woman in football, as Managing Director of Birmingham City FC which she then took public
  • Paloma Vivanco-coutts – One of Alan’s ‘Apprentices’ on the BBC, is the editor of a start up business magazine and has launched her own online business
  • Saj P – author of 8 clickbank best sellers of which 5 became number ones, also known for his success with Cost per Action marketing and consulting with large organisations on traffic and conversions
  • Nik Halik – known as the thrillionaire, he is a wealth strategist, civilian astronaut, speaker, author who amassed wealth through savvy investments
  • Simon Coulson – in less than 8 years has generated over £8 million with his online businesses and also has at least 1 student who has made £2 million
  • Raymond Aaron –  a Success and Investment coach
  • Marko Kozlowski – built 12 multi million dollar companies and is known as an expert in delegation and system process engineering
  • Chris Johnson – grant and private funding expert
  • Will Duquette – Hypnotist, motivational speaker and wealth builder
  • Mark Nathwani – lifelong entrepreneur making money with retail, property and online businesses
  • John Lee – international speaker, author, internet marketer, and property mentor
  • Bill Walsh – speaker, author with a background in currency trading, business building and real estate development
  • Adam Ginsberg – author, speaker and ebay education provider based on his experience of selling 20 million dollars worth on ebay

To find out more click here.

Mark Anastasi presents The Financial Freedom Seminar to be held in Kensington, London between 4th and 6th November 2011.

This is not a multi speaker pitch fest but three days of Mark teaching you from his experience of making Millions.

He will cover 21 ways to make money while you sleep, passive income from:

  • 8 ‘old school’ strategies
  • Content Creator strategies
  • Accumulator / Mechanic strategies
  • Social Media strategies
  • Reporter strategies
  • Manager strategies
  • Trader strategies
  • Elliott Wave and investing like Warren Buffet

Apart from those he will also be sharing his Speedcash Success strategies, Business Growth Acceleration secrets and 22 millionaire secrets that will change your life.

To find out more about the Financial Freedom Seminar, click here.

Mark Anastasi and Stephanie Hale present The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women to be held between 28th and 30th October 2011 at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel, London SW7 4LH.

During the 3 days the speakers at the event will be:

  • Gill Fielding – one of Channel 4’s Secret Millionaires, made her money through property and when financially free in 1999 decided to pass on the knowledge through wealth creation education.
  • Richelle Shaw – from bankruptcy after 9/11 to being the only African-American Women to own a Public Utilty Company in the United States.
  • Corinna X – after being made redundant five times in her twenties she started her own business for financial security and now makes over $1,000 a week with social media and selling coaching services.
  • Marie-Claire Caryle – from worst performing sales person to delivering £1 million per month in sales as Director of another company. Do you have mental blocks that need releasing?
  • Marsha Wright – from a disadvantaged childhood to setting up multi million pound businesses, she has been in the press, on TV and mentored over 700 business owners.
  • Jennifer Hough – from chronic illness and $40,000 in debt to founding one of the largest holistic nutrition clinics in Canada.
  • Bernadette Doyle – from a consultancy business that took 12 hours a day to run to her new systemised business that brings in more a month now than she used to make in a year.  
  • Alexandra Watson – a Success and Happinness expert that has coached olympic athletes and business leaders.
  • Dawn Mendonca – a single mum who quit her 9 to 5 to follow her passion as a dance teacher. Used Video Marketing and youtube to earn over $300,000 a year.
  • Dr Joanna Martin – ex medical Doctor to international speaker and educator. She has taken her own business from nothing to seven figures in one year.
  • Katharine Dever –  after a relationship break up, she started and created a business that does multiple six figures in less than a year.
  • Naomi Sesay – one of the early ‘Big Brother’ Producers now a property investor and entrepreneur.
  • Stephanie Hale – co founder of the Millionaire Bootcamp for Women and after a number of life challenges she set up a successful publishing consultancy
  • Mark Anastasi – co founder of the Millionaire Bootcamp for Women, from a broke security guard to generating millions online.

Click here to find out more.

Daniel Wagner presents the UK Info Millionaire 2011 between the 24th and 25th September 2011 at the Park Inn, Heathrow.

This is not intended to be a multi speaker pitch fest, in fact the site says  “90% of the time there will be no selling whatsoever”.

The speakers at this event are:

  • Paul Avins – a motivational speaker with a wealth of knowledge on Personal Development, Sales, Marketing, Business management and Coaching
  • Marcus de Maria – is a stock market and wealth creation educator. He has shared the stage with many big, well known names
  • Ranjan Bhattacharya – a self made property multi millionaire who then turned his hand to information marketing
  • Stuart Ross – is a former estate agent and now a Lead generation and Internet marketing expert
  • Phil Turner – has rapidly become a product creation expert
  • James Watson – after 10 years in the corporate world, an offline business and now co founder of your internet buddies and the Wagner Watson Inner Circle
  • Daniel Wagner – coach, mentor and membership site and product launch expert

Apart from the bonuses, real world case studies,  networking evening you will come away with 7 blueprints from the respective speakers above:

  • Explosive Business Growth
  • Productivity Breakthrough
  • Advanced Info Marketing
  • Advanced Lead Generation
  • Product Creation
  • Get Your Life Back
  • Six Figure Launch

Click here for more information.

Success Resources present Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar and Anthony Robbins along with 12 others at the National Achievers Congress 2011. The event will be held at Londons ExCel exhibition centre between 2nd and 4th July 2011.

The speakers are:

  • Sir Richard Branson – founder of the Virgin Group, author, knighted in 1999 for ‘services to entrepreneurship’  
  • Lord Alan Sugar – founder of Amstrad, former Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, knighted for ‘services to businesses’ and joined the House of Lords as Enterprise Champion in 2009.
  • Anthony Robbins –  the world’s number peak perfomance coach and advisor to top sports people and business leaders 
  • T Harv Eker – founder of Peak Potentials training, author, international speaker,went from zero to millionaire in 2.5 years using the principles he teaches
  • Blair Singer – founder of SalesPartners, author and Rich Dad advisor
  • Greg Secker – founder of Traders University and Knowledge to Action teaching Stock Market and Forex trading 
  • Adam Ginsberg – ebay no 1 seller in 2002, selling more than $ 20 million in five years, now teaches people that and internet marketing 
  • Tom Hua – an Internet Marketing pioneer now makes over $ 12 million a year with his hosting, software and seminar businesses
  • Andy Harrington – NLP master, international speaker and one of the UK’s leading authorities on the psychology of peak performance 
  • Simon Coulson – author, mentor, international speaker and has made over £7 million from his internet businesses in less than 7 years 
  • Kevin Green – property developer, wealth trainer and tv secret millionaire
  • Robert G Allen – author and top Investment advisor is a regular on TV talk shows
  • Kerwin Rae – author, coach, mentor, international speaker and Australia’s number one expert on influence
  • John Lee – co founder of Wealth Dragons, author and international speaker he has built up a multi million pound property portfolio
  • Joseph McClendon – founder of Succeleration Research Group, international speaker, peak performance coach and head trainer at the Anthony Robbins Mastery University

Click here to find out more about this years National Achievers Congress.

Andy Harrington‘s Power To Achieve Weekend is between 10th and 12th June 2011 and will be held at the Renaissance Hotel near London’s Heathrow .

Andy, one of the UK’s leading authorities on Peak Performance Strategies will be taking you on a 2.5 day journey on breaking through to higher levels of inner strength. Attendees have repeatedly said they have come away with a self confidence and belief in themselves. Others have overcome phobias.

The three sections of the weekend are:

  1. Fear into Power – creating a winners edge
  2. Transformation day – turning Dreams to Reality
  3. Millionaire Maker day – wealth creation strategies

There are also 4 bonuses to ensure post course momentum:

  • Overcoming your greatest fear video with Andy Harrington – 10 step strategy for overcoming any fear and get results
  • Internet Marketing Insider video with Simon Coulson – how he makes money with info products, cd’s, dvd’s and membership sites
  • Building Wealth, Trading Comodities and Forex video – exploring trends, patterns, indicators and risk management
  • Property Magic Live video set – BMV and lease options, rent to buy, vendor finance etc

Click here to take a look at a short 7 minute video and see what it is all about, the reactions from other people and the Guarantee from Andy on Power to Achieve.

Success Resources presents T Harv Eker‘s Millionaire Mind Intensive at the Ibis, Earls Court, London, SW61UD between 13th and 15th May 2011.  

This is a 3 day seminar and general tickets are currently available at no cost. Some of what you will learn will be:

  • twelve ways to earn automatic income using modern technology
  • achieving success without good looks, money or connections
  • how the rich made it and how you can to
  • the missing link that your parents never taught you about money
  • understanding the law of attraction and why you are not attracting abundance in your life
  • to stop wanting success and start living the best life for you, now
  • the wealth creation strategies used by the top 5%
  • how to adjust your mindset to create success
  • how to discover your calling or vocation
  • to tell if you are a failure magnet and change to your mind and life quickly
  • the wealthy persons five key financial habits 
  • how childhood conditioning could taint your view on success, money and properity

Click here to find out more about the Millionaire Mind Intensive.

Rich Dad Education present the Learn to be Rich workshop at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow, Hayes, UB3 5AW on the 7th May 2011.

This 2 hour workshop is designed to help you put the Rich Dad lessons into action. It aims to give you the courage to move forward  showing a clear path to the next level with hands on, detailed techniques and strategies.

It will look at property, and with step by step plans will show you how to identify the right opportunities and make the most of them, therefore boosting your cashflow, with property.  

This is a no cost seminar and there is a bonus cd (Rich Dads plan for financial success) being handed out as a gift for attending.

Click here to find out more about Rich Dad‘s Learn to be Rich Workshop.

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