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Mark Anastasi presents the Laptop Millionaire Summit between the 7th and 9th September 2012 at the Renaissance London Heathrow, TW6 2AQ.

Following the success of his book, The Laptop Millionaire, Mark is holding a three day event where he will be teaching strategies from the New York Times Best seller. He will also be having other speakers attend and present their particular subjects.

The speakers at this event will be:

  • Scott Rewick – Media buying expert
  • Simon Coulson – Internet Entrepreneur, Coach and speaker
  • Rich Waterman – Mindset
  • Joanna Martin –  Public Speaker trainer
  • Nik Halik – Thrillionaire, Sharelord creator
  • Mindy Gibbins-Klein – The book midwife on leads and conversions
  • Daven Michaels – Outsourcing expert
  • Mili Ponce and Paul O’Mahony – Social Media experts
  • Steven Essa – Webinars expert
  • Mark Anastasi – Event organiser, Author and Internet Marketer

To find out more click here.

Blak Pearl presents Business 2012 to be held at London’s O2 between 18th and 20th March 2012.

This is a free event that celebrates entrepreneurship, innovation and success.

It boasts 200 seminars in 12 halls, 200 workshops in 6 halls, 166 exhibitors and 22 keynote presentations.

I have listed some of the speakers below, they range from the generally well known to the well known in their sphere of excellence, as follows:

Sir Richard Branson, Lord Sugar, Cherie Blair, Chris Johnson, Daniel Priestley, Greg Secker, JT Foxx, Jeff Vacek, KenPreuss, Shawn Casey, Brian Koz, Marco Kozlowski, Mark Nathwani, Mike Warren, Nigel Botterill, Nik Halik, Ralph Plumb, Raymond Aaron, Robert Allen, Saj Purkayastha, Simon Coulson, Simon Zutshi, Stedman Graham, Adam Ginsberg, Howard Graham, Penny Power, Minesh Bhindi, Ritu Sethi, Karen Gill, Maxine Benson, Mavis Amankwa, Will Duquette, Paloma Vivanco-Coutts, Nikki Hesford, Robert Allen, Kimberley Davis, Geoff Burch, Brad Burton, Paula Wynne, Nick Davies, Jonathan Yates, Carly Ward, John Lee, Shaa Wasmund, Robin Nixon, Emma Jones and Oliver Rothschild.

If you have a business or about to start one then there is likely to be something here to help you get to the next level, so click here to find out more about Business 2012.

Success Resources present Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar and Anthony Robbins along with 12 others at the National Achievers Congress 2011. The event will be held at Londons ExCel exhibition centre between 2nd and 4th July 2011.

The speakers are:

  • Sir Richard Branson – founder of the Virgin Group, author, knighted in 1999 for ‘services to entrepreneurship’  
  • Lord Alan Sugar – founder of Amstrad, former Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, knighted for ‘services to businesses’ and joined the House of Lords as Enterprise Champion in 2009.
  • Anthony Robbins –  the world’s number peak perfomance coach and advisor to top sports people and business leaders 
  • T Harv Eker – founder of Peak Potentials training, author, international speaker,went from zero to millionaire in 2.5 years using the principles he teaches
  • Blair Singer – founder of SalesPartners, author and Rich Dad advisor
  • Greg Secker – founder of Traders University and Knowledge to Action teaching Stock Market and Forex trading 
  • Adam Ginsberg – ebay no 1 seller in 2002, selling more than $ 20 million in five years, now teaches people that and internet marketing 
  • Tom Hua – an Internet Marketing pioneer now makes over $ 12 million a year with his hosting, software and seminar businesses
  • Andy Harrington – NLP master, international speaker and one of the UK’s leading authorities on the psychology of peak performance 
  • Simon Coulson – author, mentor, international speaker and has made over £7 million from his internet businesses in less than 7 years 
  • Kevin Green – property developer, wealth trainer and tv secret millionaire
  • Robert G Allen – author and top Investment advisor is a regular on TV talk shows
  • Kerwin Rae – author, coach, mentor, international speaker and Australia’s number one expert on influence
  • John Lee – co founder of Wealth Dragons, author and international speaker he has built up a multi million pound property portfolio
  • Joseph McClendon – founder of Succeleration Research Group, international speaker, peak performance coach and head trainer at the Anthony Robbins Mastery University

Click here to find out more about this years National Achievers Congress.

Andy Harrington‘s Power To Achieve Weekend is between 10th and 12th June 2011 and will be held at the Renaissance Hotel near London’s Heathrow .

Andy, one of the UK’s leading authorities on Peak Performance Strategies will be taking you on a 2.5 day journey on breaking through to higher levels of inner strength. Attendees have repeatedly said they have come away with a self confidence and belief in themselves. Others have overcome phobias.

The three sections of the weekend are:

  1. Fear into Power – creating a winners edge
  2. Transformation day – turning Dreams to Reality
  3. Millionaire Maker day – wealth creation strategies

There are also 4 bonuses to ensure post course momentum:

  • Overcoming your greatest fear video with Andy Harrington – 10 step strategy for overcoming any fear and get results
  • Internet Marketing Insider video with Simon Coulson – how he makes money with info products, cd’s, dvd’s and membership sites
  • Building Wealth, Trading Comodities and Forex video – exploring trends, patterns, indicators and risk management
  • Property Magic Live video set – BMV and lease options, rent to buy, vendor finance etc

Click here to take a look at a short 7 minute video and see what it is all about, the reactions from other people and the Guarantee from Andy on Power to Achieve.

Darren Winters of Win Investing and the Wealth Training Company present the Build Your Wealth Seminar between the 25th and 26th September 2010 at Quartz House, Providence Square, London SE1 2EW.

This two day wealth creation seminar is a multi speaker event and will look at the following areas:

  • Internet – learn techniques to increase the numbers of visitors to your site and build a profitable business from nothing even if you have no idea what to sell.
  • Tax – learn why tax planning can have the biggest positive income on your wealth,  the strategies of top advisors and how to check if you are over paying tax.
  • Business – Learn how to get free marketing, how to start, develop and sell businesses for a fortune and how to rid  yourself of 90% of your staff troubles.
  • Property – learn the best of the strategies that are working right now, how to get the best bmv ( below market value ) deals and why price drop times are when the biggest fortunes are made.
  • Stock Market  – learn trading strategies to deal with the volatile markets we have today, the latest tools that are about to aid your investing and ways to get greater consistency in your investing.
  • Wealth Mindset – having the correct strategies is only part of the puzzle. Learn how to overcome the fears and obtstacles that are holding you back and how to get the best possible outcome from situations.

Click here to find out more about build your wealth.

Nik Halik the Thrillionaire of the Financial Freedom Instititute presents the Sharelord World Tour which is coming to the UK on 7th August 2010.

Nik will be doing two free seminars on the Saturday,  10:30 to 13:30 and 18:00 to 21:00 at the Millenium Hotel in Knightsbridge.

Financial Freedom Institute is an Australian based, worldwide wealth education and success mentoring business that is well known in London due to its series of seminars such as Money Masters, Internet Masters and Cashflow London over the last few years.

Nik Halik is a global wealth strategist, entrepreneur, international speaker, astronaut, best selling author and multi millionaire who started out as a successful rock guitarist with a band out of Melbourne called Big Deal. But instead of frittering away the earnings he invested it in property and the stock market and now he is living his dreams.

When Nik was 8 years old he wrote down his top 10 goals and he has achieved 8 of them and these goals were not small. They are things like climbing the worlds highest mountains, visiting the Titanic and becoming a civilian astronaut .

One of the pillars of his wealth is Nik’s system called Sharelord. Much the same as property owners rent out their assets ( houses etc ), Sharelords rent out their assets ( stocks and shares ) also. This is a based on a strategy that has been around since 1973 but with the modern online world it is now easily available to the average person. 

If the above has made you curious as to how much you can learn and be inspired, click here for more information.

The next in the Wealth Thing Seminar series run by Ambar Hamid is coming on 27th June 2009 to the Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch.

This time we have:

John Bell – a motivational speaker who is recognised throughout the world as an authority on mind and people behaviour.

Andy Harrington – one of the UK’s authorities on the psychology of peak performance, leadership and personal achievement.

Simon Coulson – uk internet marketer who sells over a million in products a year from over 100 websites, speaking and mentoring.

Rob Moore and Mark Homer – founders of progressive property they have come from nothing to financial independence at an age under 30. By 2009 they had bought over 230 properties for themselves and thier investors and are looking to help 20 people become property millionaires this year.

Greg Secker – a successful trader and coach. Recognised as an authority on psychology of trading, winning investment strategies and peak performance coaching.

Ambar Hamid – a successful entrepreneur and business strategist. Started out with direct marketing and now has web marketing and conference businesses.

Get your ticket from the link below for an incredible GBP 37, which includes a number of bonuses and a money back guarantee.

Wealth Thing Seminar

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