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The second in the series by Frank Garon this year focuses on Internet List Building and Traffic Generation.
This workshop will be held at the Novotel London West, One Shortlands, London
W6 8DR on the 18th and 19th July 2009 between 08:30 and 17:00 each day.
The nearest tube is Hammersmith on the Piccadilly, District or Hammersmith and city lines.

The instructors for this workshop are:
Dr Mike Woo-Ming and Brian Kosobucki (Koz)
Dr Mike and Koz come from a lead generation background and have developed a tool to find potential buyers quickly. They will share with you the laws of traffic generation, testing your list for buying willingness and compelling buyers. 

Frank Garon
ex bankrupt lorry driver Frank has now generated millions in sales over the last 14 years online. He will share how to structure offers that compel prospects to buy, what order button triggers are and how to grow your list.

Robert Puddy
Robert has been online since 1999 and is known for his list building, product launches and membership sites. He will share his product launch strategies and proven techniques for a steady stream of traffic. 

Jack Humphrey
Jack is not only an authority on being an authority but is also a web 2.0 / social marketing expert. He will share using social marketing to create profits and how you combine it with copywriting to make campaigns.

Greg Cesar
Greg is an adwords expert. He will share not only how to get low cost adwords traffic but how to use the ‘magic’ words to get people to buy.

Neil Stafford and Neil Travers
Starting from 1997 the two Neils now have over 105 sites, from simple sales sites to large membership ones. They will share how to develop a relationship with your customers, crafting powerful headlines and producing information packed content.

Laura Roman Lopez
A mum who has had a lot more than her fair share of bad luck and disavantages in her life so far.  She made 100k in her first year online and has turned her life around. She will show how to rank high in the search engines, building a loyal following, making a responsive list and more.

Martin Avis
A successful newsletter author who believes the key to making money online is effective communication.
He will share how to create a loyal following that will turn into rabid buyers. Profitting from plr, your list and more.

Tim Brocklehurst
Tim is famous for my viral spiral, a viral marketing tool. He will share how to use free reports with viral marketing, how to train your readership into repeat buyers  and how to appear to be the authority on the subject so that people come to you for advice.

Get a place on this workshop for only GBP 197 by  going to MoreTrafficBiggerList

The Global Internet Seminar will be held between the 2nd and 5th July 2009
at the Ibis, Earls Court, London.

Thursday 19:00 – 21:00 ( Newbie night )

Friday to Sunday  09:00 – 19:00

The following people will be speaking:

Stephen Pierce – a top Internet Wealth Advocate that has featured on various tv and radio shows. He discovered he had a talent for picking winning stocks, which he gave away for free for a year and then realised it was making people lots of money. So he set up a membership site on the internet and orders came flooding in.  That along with and other products and a speaking career enables him to turnover USD 10  Million a year.

Ewen Chia – probably the worlds top super affiliate. He will share step by step instructions on offer creation and also some guerilla traffic tactics 

Patric Chan – has been online since 2003 and is one of the few marketers to be selected to do the World Internet Summits ‘live challenge’, which was back in 2006.

Adam Ginsberg – a top ebay seller who has innovative techniques on how to make the most of the worlds biggest auction site

Tom Hua – one of the internet marketing pioneers. Tom has built up internet and software businesses that brought him 10 million dollars in 2007.

Alok Jain – combines viral list building and automation to sell millions of dollars worth of affiliate products.

Shaun Stenning – part of the Geekversity crew. Shaun uses his skills to support the community including helping to raise a quarter of a million dollars for the Boxing day Tsunami appeal in 7 days.

Terence Tan – trainer and speaker Terence started in a network marketing company and quickly rose through the ranks. He is passionate about motivating people.

Christopher Guerriro – best selling author, his first book in the 60 days after release sold 60,000 copies and went on to sell 319,000 copies!  He has gone on to create several other books and is also involved in the E factor tv show.

Simon Coulson – after leaving corporate life at the end of 2003, Simon has sold over 4 Million pounds worth of information products and now has an annual turnover greater than 1 million.

 Seats for this event are at GBP 97 for VIP seats and GBP 30 for general seats.

Global Internet Seminar

This is the next in the series of seminars from Mark Anastasi and the subject is generating traffic to your web site.
It will be a three day event from 26th to 28th June 2009 held at the Hilton Metropole on Edgware Road
Mark Anastasi – entrepreneur and public speaker specialising in Marketing and Wealth Creation. From broke and homeless in 2004 to financially free a year later.

Jennie Armato – a business and marketing entrepreneur and online since 1996. She now speaks around and coaching people to succeess online.

Sean Roach – provides a different angle on marketing as he spends half his time in the corporate world. His cutting edge ideas have brought him very large offers from the search engine companies. Let him tell you about web 3.0.

Guy Levine – is an entrepreneur and a businessman since he was 16. He has best speaker awards and is an expert at adwords.

Mark Vurnum – an ex brit now living the life in Cyprus made his money first with adsense and now with lead generation and selling.

Alan Forrest Smith – a former hairdresser Alan is a business, advertising and marketing consultant who speaks, mentors and coaches all around the world. He has written copy for a number of big name marketers.

Brian T Edmonson – from a wall street background Brian is now an author, speaker and internet entrepreneur.
He will share his Blogging and Affiliate Marketing strategies.

Armand Morin – one of the biggest names in the industry, taking over USD 20 Million in revenue and getting 6 million visitors a month to his sites. He will share information on List building, press releases and viral marketing.

Jeff Mills – he is known for personal Branding and Outsourcing. Jeff will show you how he has systemised things which allows him to outsource it to lower cost area.

Gareth Owen – Gareth is an SEO ( search engine optimisation ) expert and will share how to structure sites properly and also do the keyword research beforehand.

Matt Bacak – Matt began investing at 12 and was a millionaire by 27. The businesses he started have grown at an incredible rate and he now runs 3 multi million dollar businesses. He recently did a promotion that acquired over 14,897 customers in less than 7 days.

Brian “Koz” Kosobucki – he made his name with niche and coupon marketing. From which he learned some unconventional ways of getting leads.

All this for GBP 97 ( which admits two people ) from the link below
Traffic Generation Summit
and it also comes with a money back guarantee.

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