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The Peninsula Festival is a series of cultural events and business seminars happening during the time of the London 2012 Olympic Games. In fact the business seminars are daily between 26th July 2012 and 10th August 2012. They are to be held at the Connect Village, SE10 0BE near the O2 and Excel Centre.

The seminar mentioned here is the Social Media one which is on 26th July 2012.

Subjects that will be covered in the day are:

  • If social media could tell you a story, would you listen?
  • Engaging and managing social advocates
  • Using social media buzz to predict success
  • Social media during the games
  • Keeping social media in step with other channels
  • Managing your personal brand
  • The future of social media, where augmented reality brings the physical and virtual worlds together
  • Social media in the next twelve months

The seminar has networking time at both the beginning and end.

If you think this or one of the other seminars or events could be useful to you click here for more information.


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