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Nik Halik the Thrillionaire of the Financial Freedom Instititute presents the Sharelord World Tour which is coming to the UK on 7th August 2010.

Nik will be doing two free seminars on the Saturday,  10:30 to 13:30 and 18:00 to 21:00 at the Millenium Hotel in Knightsbridge.

Financial Freedom Institute is an Australian based, worldwide wealth education and success mentoring business that is well known in London due to its series of seminars such as Money Masters, Internet Masters and Cashflow London over the last few years.

Nik Halik is a global wealth strategist, entrepreneur, international speaker, astronaut, best selling author and multi millionaire who started out as a successful rock guitarist with a band out of Melbourne called Big Deal. But instead of frittering away the earnings he invested it in property and the stock market and now he is living his dreams.

When Nik was 8 years old he wrote down his top 10 goals and he has achieved 8 of them and these goals were not small. They are things like climbing the worlds highest mountains, visiting the Titanic and becoming a civilian astronaut .

One of the pillars of his wealth is Nik’s system called Sharelord. Much the same as property owners rent out their assets ( houses etc ), Sharelords rent out their assets ( stocks and shares ) also. This is a based on a strategy that has been around since 1973 but with the modern online world it is now easily available to the average person. 

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