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This years Business Startup Show is being held at ExCel, London between 20th and 21st May 2010. The change of venue due to the quantity of exhibitors.

Other than the 200 exhibitions there are over 140 free seminars, speed networking, free workshops, the midas touch panel ( dragons den equivalent ) and one to one advice. If you are starting a new business you should get there.

Speakers include:

Emma Wimhurst, Shaf Rasul, Caroline Marsh, David Gold, Richard Farleigh,  Julie Meyer, Craig Sams, Penny Power, Rachel Elnaugh, Simon Morris, Doug Richard, Tania Chamma, Nick Acaster, Paul Lancaster, Kevin Hart, David Lester, Gary Coombes, Patrick Blunt, Mick Say, Richard Cordery, Vincent Scammel, Dr Roger Lowe, Matt Nuns, Gary Turner, Jonanthan Pfahl, Neil Cattermull, Cora McLaren, Giovanni Seppia, Bradley Chapman, Edward Brewer, Dr Peter Wilson, Professor Roy Seaman, Jim Scott, Carrie Bedingfield, John Cheney, Charlotte Speller, Will Lindsell, Ian Marlow, David Taylor, Rory McGwire, Ben Kench, Gill Morris, Dave Cain, Gary Townley, Steve Bolton, Francis Preedy, Sophie Gold, Terry Chapman, Peter Richman, Matt Alsbury-Morris, Andrew Webber, Michael Butler, David Sullivan, David Hathiramani, Deepak Goyal, Gerard O’Donavan, Tanya Lang, Grace Bian, Brad Rosser, Marie-Claire Carlyle, Paul Clark, Frida Morris, Justin Cooke, Mike Lenihan, Simon Pither, Stuart Carlisle, Stuart Spice, Atul Devani, Alan Gleeson, Mathew Brown, Neil Robinson, Menno C Robert, Adley Siddiiqi, Adela Liew, Dr Peter wilson, Deepak Goyal, Dr Roger Lowe, David Knowles, Andrew Moore, Lynn Walker, Julian Strutt, Richard Berry, Peri Sophos, Phillipa Symes, Gill Morris, Adam Jackson, Esther Tea

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The Business Start Up Show is going to be held at the London’s Olympia between the 26th and 27th November 2009. There will be over 230 exhibitors, networking and lots of free seminars. This is probably the UK’s biggest show for the new business and covers a wide range of subjects.

Speakers include:

David Gold, Richard Farleigh, Levi Roots, Julie Meyer, Richard Reed, Rachel Elnaugh, Doug Richard, Brent Hoberman, Stuart Spice, Michelle Dewberry, Brad Rosse, David Joyce, Emma Wimhurst, Mathew Forrest, Joanna Elliot, Gideon Adey, Paul Giles, Paul Middleborough, David Wilson, Gordon D’silva, Andy Reedman, Geoffrey Mathews, Sophie Gold, Marco Bernard, Ivor Sequeira, Tanya Lang, Robin Page, Steve Ridd, Richard Berry, Bob Harper, Nock Horan, Mike Lenihan, Andy Cummins,  Maria Darling, Gary Parker, Dave Hopkins, Sara Burgess, Gabrielle Rose, Andy Waring, Robert Coppard, Biliana Coppard, Desiree Fraser, Jonathan Pfahl, Clive Lewis, David Roberts, Steve Bolton, Bradley Chapman, Gerard O Donovan, Giovanni Seppiea, Simon Coulson, Alan Gleeson, Mike Ramsay, Giles Sirett, Stuart Carlisle, Kerry Anne Orr, Jonathan Yates Nick Acaster, Nick Bolton, Alex Smeets, Andy Proctor, Dr David J Hardman, Andrew Moore, Tania Chamma, Damon Bullimore, Nick Monger-Godfrey, Paul Green, Grace Bian, Denis Goldan, Jeremy O’Hare, Paul Middleborough, Ian Marlow, Derek Joseph, Allan Kleynhans, Chris Galvin, Quentin Pain, Stefan opfer, Simon Pither, Daniel Norell, David Adams, Shaa Wasmund, Andrew Ewan, Clifford Wetherall, Paul Wood, Dee Shipman, Paul Jacobs, Henri Asseily, Zoe Brown, Nick Williams and Darren Pendred.

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