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Property Investor Media Ltd presents the Property Investor Show and OPP Live which will be held at London’s ExCel between the 11th and 13th October 2012 and are free to attend. The shows are co-located and consist of exhibitors stands and seminars.

The Property Investor show caters for new landlords up to experienced portfolio landlords. Seminars are on topics such as funding options, auction room tips, investment evaluation, USA, Malta, Brazil, Student Property, Portfolio building, HMO’s, referencing, legals, tax and predictions for the future of the market.

OPP Live is for Overseas Property Professionals and is only on for the Thursday and Friday. All of the seminars, workshops and debates are free and are on subjects like Russia, balanced portfolios, China, Middle East, Canada, USA, Technology and data sources, Financing, regulation, India and South East Asia.

To find out more about the two shows click here.

The spring Property Investors Show will be held at London’s ExCel between the 18th and 19th March 2011 and is free to attend.

The show will cover both UK and overseas property and apart from the exhibitors there will also be a programme of seminars and debates.

Some of which are:

  • How to spot a boom and bust … before they happen
  • How to spot deals on the open market
  • Buying at auction – how to find the deals and buy them
  • Help! … My tenant is a criminal
  • How to make a fortune out of the coming Spanish property crash
  • Investing for rental yield and capital growth
  • Why Turkey? More specifically  … why Istanbul?
  • Hotel Investment … Profitable? Passive? Prudent?
  • Property options – No deposit, no finance required, risk free
  • Utilise your roof! .. How to use solar power to increase cash flows and property valuation
  • How to choose a buy to let investment … in the current market
  • Financial management for property investors
  • How to find joint venture partners
  • Avoiding a bad tenant
  • What the next 2 years holds in store … and how you should prepare

The seminar programme is split between three rooms and is designed to be relevant to both novice investor to portfolio landlord.

Click here to find out more about the Property Investor Show.

Saj P presents the Affiliate Millionaires Summit at the Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch, London between the 11th and 12th September 2010.

This is a free event, however it requires a small deposit refundable on attendance.

The event is for two days with just Saj P, Scott Rewick and special guest Chris Howard ie it is not an event with lots of speakers with short slots and an opportunity for further study.

Saj P is a regular speaker on the London circuit and also on the clickbank bestsellers lists, 8 so far.  Saj who is internationally known as a CPA master, he has a 7 figure business and wants to share how he does it.

Scott Rewick is a serial entrepreneur, affiliate and media buying strategist. He has been in the affiliate industry since 1999 and founded businesses such as NetBlue. He will share how he consistently creates multi million dollar businesses.

Some of the things that will be shared:

  • an avalanche of traffic for less than 5 cents a click
  • the truth about media buying and banner ads
  • how to advertise on facebook
  • the mindset that has led to multiple 7 figure businesses
  • how to totally automate your business

Chris Howard is an NLP master trainer, international speaker, best selling author, performance consultant and leadershipship advisor. He has been invited as a special guest by Saj and Scott to complete the education by helping with creating the mindset to generate a 7 figure business.

To find out more about the affiliate millionaires summit, click here.

ThinkBig Education with Chris Howard Training present Wealth Propulsion, a Free seminar to be held between 16th and 18th April 2010 at Chelsea Football club, Fulham Road, London.

At this seminar you are going to learn:

  • the first principles you must understand to be able to build wealth
  • how to make opportunties fall into your lap
  • the hidden secret of the world’s wealthiest people
  • are you super happy, super wealthy material?
  • the number 1 trait of the world’s 300 richest people
  • and more

Click here for further information.

Breakthrough to Success is being brought to London’s Ibis Hotel by Chris Howard and his team between the 12th and 14th February 2010.

Chris who transformed his life by discovering what he calls the ‘missing ingredient’, which has taken him from the Ghetto to being a multi millionaire in less than 3 years and enabled his to lose ( in 6 weeks ) and keep off 20 pounds in weight.

You can find out more about his story and the event by clicking here and claiming your free tickets to this London Seminar.

This years Entrepreneurs Bootcamp from Andrew Reynolds is going to be held in the O2 London on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2009.  I would guess he is trying to better the record breaking attendance of over 4,000 at the June event last year in Brighton where over GBP 468,000 was raised for the Make A Wish Foundation.

This years event is a free event but with a  recommended donation of GBP 149 for the first attendee and GBP 50 for a guest. The donations go to Make A Wish Foundation, a charity that “grants the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.”

Andrew has not fully revealed this years speakers other than to say that they are all experts in thier subjects and have made a million. Having attended last years bootcamp I can vouch for the quality of the presentations and I expect this event to be better.

To get tickets go here while they still last.


Update – The speakers were: Pat Mesiti, Andrew Reynolds , Adam Ginsberg,  Armand Morin, Brett Mcfall, Kirt Christensen, Andy Harrington, Simon Coulson, Chris Howard, Tom Hua, Joel Comm

Raised GBP 702,158 in donations for Make a Wish

 Christopher Howard and his team bring their Breakthrough to Success weekend to London on the 24th to 26th July 2009.

Chris went from a Ghetto to successful multi millionaire in less than 3 years and also managed to lose and keep off 20 pounds in weight.

He is going to tell you the secret missing ingredient that has enabled him to transform his life.

The sorts of things you will learn are:

– to overcome fear, intimidation and shyness.

 – boost your confidence

– break out of depressed states

– overcome feelings of confusion, doubt or being overwhelmed

– successful goal setting

– how to model successful people

The site explains more and has testimonials and videos.


Tickets are usually GBP 895 but you can get complimentary tickets here while they last.

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