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Daniel Wagner presents the UK Info Millionaire 2011 between the 24th and 25th September 2011 at the Park Inn, Heathrow.

This is not intended to be a multi speaker pitch fest, in fact the site says  “90% of the time there will be no selling whatsoever”.

The speakers at this event are:

  • Paul Avins – a motivational speaker with a wealth of knowledge on Personal Development, Sales, Marketing, Business management and Coaching
  • Marcus de Maria – is a stock market and wealth creation educator. He has shared the stage with many big, well known names
  • Ranjan Bhattacharya – a self made property multi millionaire who then turned his hand to information marketing
  • Stuart Ross – is a former estate agent and now a Lead generation and Internet marketing expert
  • Phil Turner – has rapidly become a product creation expert
  • James Watson – after 10 years in the corporate world, an offline business and now co founder of your internet buddies and the Wagner Watson Inner Circle
  • Daniel Wagner – coach, mentor and membership site and product launch expert

Apart from the bonuses, real world case studies,  networking evening you will come away with 7 blueprints from the respective speakers above:

  • Explosive Business Growth
  • Productivity Breakthrough
  • Advanced Info Marketing
  • Advanced Lead Generation
  • Product Creation
  • Get Your Life Back
  • Six Figure Launch

Click here for more information.

Adeel Chowdhry and BA Wealth present the Internet Millionaires Masterclass 2010 at the Thistle Hotel Marble Arch, London between the 3rd and 5th September 2010.

This is a free event, but requires a small deposit refundable on attendance.

Some of the speakers for this masterclass are:

Saj P – the author of multiple clickbank number one products and world recognised CPA expert, Saj is known for giving away tips from stage

Andrew X – has earned over 5 Million dollars from clickbank

Adeel Chowdhry – successful clickbank product creator

Jani G – a young internet entrepreneur who shot to fame as he topped the leader board in the Google Sniper launch and then went on to create his own product

Simon Coulson – Simon has generated over 6 million pounds from his internet businesses after being made redundant from BT. 

David Cavanagh – Internet coach and mentor from Australia but currently living in Pattaya Beach, Thailand. David was also voted best speaker at World Internet Summit

Andy Harrington – is a leading authority on success psychology. He is an NLP master, inspires people to reach their goals and teaches public speaking. 

Anik Singal – Marketing for over 7 years online has made him USD 32 Million

Mark Vurnum – is an ex brit, lead generation expert who currently lives the lifestyle in Cyprus. He has over 6,000 sites bringing him in USD 150,000 a month 

Daniel Wagner – Austrian Internet marketer, coach and mentor who is a regular on the London seminar circuit and now also currently lives in Cyprus.

Click here to find out more about the internet millionaires masterclass.

Parmdeep Vadesha presents the Underground Investors Summit in London between 5th and 6th June 2010.

The Investors Summit will be a two day event with speaker and attendee networking after both days.

Some of the successful Investors he will have there:

Hanif Khan – Commercial property, lease options, estate and letting agencies
Amer Sidiq – Leading UK property tax consultant and runs a property tax portal
Daniel Wagner – Internet educator 
Shimon Rudich – MS Law LLP founding partner specialising in property investors and lease options
Richard Shepherd – Lease Options expert and runs PNC Manchester
Paul Galbraith – HMO’s and social housing
Mathew Moody – Property Management
Jim Halliburton – HMO expert
Dwayne Kerr – HMO’s and social housing
Ramnik Singh – property entrepreneur and deal negotiator
Phil Martin – Property entrepreneur and Landlord
Vanesh Patel – PNC founder and a business angel
David Duckworth – Internet entrepreneur and property investor

At the event Parmdeep will be giving away his S class Mercedes to one lucky attendee and there is also an event 100% money back guarantee.

Also there are 5 bonuses including recordings of the reposession masterclass and tickets to the tycoon mastermind meeting.

If you think this is for you then click here for more information.

Mark Anastasi presents the Social Media Millionaire Summit between the 22nd and 25th April 2010 to be held at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel, South Kensington, London.

The presenters will be:

  • Daniel Priestley – a leading UK Small Business Advisor for Social Media will show you how you can increase the value of the sale and engage with JV partners.
  • Chris Farrell – ex brit dj Chris now lives the Beverley Hills lifestyle after turning to internet marketing and social media in 2008 and now makes over $35,000 a month. He has an easy going style and his students sing his praise.
  • Trevor Crook – speaker, copywriter, mentor and social media consultant. Trevor has a no B.S. style and tells it like it is.
  • Lee McIntyre – a former school teacher turned internet marketer who uses non traditional marketing methods to bring him a GBP100,000 a month income
  • Mili Ponce – the Twitter Queen, former systems administrator who learned social media and is now earning in excess of $10,000 a month.
  • Tom Miller – Aussie Tom discovered social media and you tube and has his own techniques which make him over $2,500 a month.
  • Donna Fox – a former corporate attorney who had successful businesses in real estate, credit and marketing is now partnered with Mike Filsaime. She is a down to earth, humorous and dynamic speaker.
  • Gareth Owen – SEO master and one of the few that gets to go to the invite only meetings at Google. Will help demystify getting google page 1 rankings.
  • Dr Joanna Martin – former Medical Doctor and now international speaker and educator will let you know how to structure your presentation and get your message across
  • Tracey Repchuk – business owner, speaker, coach and best selling author. Tracey will show you how to create multiple streams of income and traffic hurricanes. 
  • Daniel Wagner – will entertain and educate you. He is a passionate speaker and also has a passion for helping people.
  • Simon Leung – an ex google employee involved with adwords from the start and was its most senior adwords optimization specialist. Created a half million dollar business in his first year as a marketer.
  • Simon Coulson – one of the UK’s top internet marketers and has generated over six million pounds with his business. He will show you list building with social media among other things. If you cannot get to see him here then get a free dvd of his presentation at the O2 while they are still available.

If the above sounds like it could be useful to you then click here to find out more.


The Icelandic volcano caused major disruptions, so the actual speakers were Mark Anastasi, Ryan Pinnick, Mili Ponce, Sohail Khan, Kavit Haria, Simon Coulson, Dean Hunt, Simon Zutshi, Trevor Crook, Jim Graham, Gareth Owen, Steven Essa, Simon Leung, Tom Miller, Adam Ginsberg, Donna Fox, Saj P, and Daniel Priestly.

The event ( Social Media Millionaire Summit II ) is being repeated at the Millenium Gloucester between 29th April 2010 and 2nd May 2010. Some of the speakers are Joanna Martin, Deborah Micek, Jani G, Chris Farrell, Mili Ponce, Shaqir Hussyn, Saj P, Tom Miller and Daniel Priestley.

The VIP tickets allow you to bring a guest so I can take someone as a guest, list subscribers have my contact details. The last weekends event had some really great content and I expect some more this weekend.

Rob Moore and Mark Homer of Progressive Property are putting together a one off event called the Property Super Conference.

It will be held at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London N1 0QH near the Angel tube ( Northern Line ) on the 10th and 11th April 2010.

The speakers for this property conference are:

James Caan – one of the Dragons from TV’s Dragon Dens, will share his tips for 2010

Rob Moore – one of the founders of Progressive Property, Coach, Professional Speaker and host for the conference

Parmdeep Vadesha – Below Market Value ( bmv ) expert from the midlands where he has built up a portfolio of over GBP 5 million.

Mark Homer – one of the founders of Progressive Property, he has built a portfolio of over GBP10 million most of which were at 32% BMV

Hanif Khan – property investor, entrepreneur and owner of a string of estate and letting agents.

Sarah Barrett – with over 132 property deals and an GBP18.3 million property portfolio behind her, Sarah is an expert in lease options

Shimon Rudich –  founding partner of MS Law LLP focussed on property investors.

Steve Bolton – one of the founding partners of Platinum Partners Group. He is an expert in HMO / multi lets

Daniel Wagner – Property Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer will share lead generation techniques

Sally Lawson – owns and runs one of the Midlands largest Letting agents with over GBP 1.1 Billion property under management. With her 19 years experience she will be able to share with you the typical things landlords have to deal with and how to get over them.

 Click here for more information.

Property Bible and HMO guide  by one of the UK’s top Property / Internet Marketing speakers.
7 part property course for free, just for looking!

Your Internet Buddies present the Traffic and Conversion Summit to be held at the Thistle Heathrow in London on 10th April 2010.

Your Internet Buddies are Daniel Wagner and James Watson and they will cover:

  1. Ultimate Webinar Monetization Tactics
  2. Advanced Email Marketing Tricks
  3. Social Media Syndication Strategies
  4. Magnetic Opt-in Page Formula
  5. Magic Sales Copy Conversion Secrets
  6. Continuity Blueprint
  7. The JV Launch Money Method


Find out more by clicking here .

Paul O’Mahony and Mili Ponce ( the twitter king and queen ) present a 3 day seminar in London between 5th and 7th March 2010 called the Social Media Bootcamp. The seminar will be held at the Radisson Edwardian Heathrow, UB3 5AW and Mili and Paul have also invited along some other guest speakers:

Mark Anastasi – a former broke security guard who turned his life around with Internet Marketing and then formed a seminar company to bring that knowledge to the masses and change thier lives. Mark has recently been doing a series of Speed Cash seminars that showcase the traffic strategies.  

Andy Harrington – is one of the leading authorities on the psychology of success in the uk. Andy is an NLP master and his flagship weekend event the power to achieve has changed many lives. You can get a 7 minute taster of what he can do from here or for a limited time he is offering a free dvd of his presentation at the O2.

Saj P – Clickbank best selling product creator 5 times over, his latest was Banner Ad Blueprint which is currently top in the E Business and E Marketing category. Saj is mainly known for his CPA expertise and also for giving so much quality information from stage.

Jeff Mills – internationally known as an outsourcing expert. 

Daniel Wagner – property Investor and Internet Marketer. He also runs a successful coaching and mentoring business.

Steven Essa – rose quickly to fame from his attendance at WIS. Steven is an expert in webinars and can show you how they can be used in a number of ways to build quick and longer lasting income streams.

Jason Osborne – known as Mr Article Marketing, he has over 2,000 articles online that brings a constant stream of visitors to his sites.

Chris Farrell – a full time Internet Marketer, Broadcaster, Writer and Product developer. Chris quickly grew his income to over $30k a month now.

Ciaran Doyle – Ciaran’s area of expertise is Traffic Generation both free and paid.

Sohail Khan –  is a JV ( joint venture ) expert and is a co-founder of the JV University.

If you are quick you can go here and get complimentary tickets making this a great free internet marketing seminar.

See you there.

Mark Anastasi presents his Speedcash Mastermind event at a hotel near Heathrow, London on the 20th February 2010.

Also speaking at this underground seminar are:
Brian Wynn who left his banking job in 2007 and now currently earns $53,000 a month with clickbank and affiliate marketing
Kunjal K who also left his banking job in 2007 and is now currently earns $85,000 a month with clickbank and affiliate marketing
Simon Coulson the ‘6 million dollar man’ who is one of the UK’s top internet marketers and coach fresh from his O2 presentation
Saj P  who is a clickbank best selling author of Banner Ad Blueprint,  Zero Friction Marketing, Affiliate Funnel System, Affiliate Payload, The Site Rush and Four Tier Annihilation Method on affiliate marketing, ebay and CPA.
Daniel Wagner is an internet marketing mentor
Reed Floren  who is a Joint Venture, Giveaway event and list building expert.

This will be a full day from 09:00 to 21:00


Click here to get a free ticket if you are prepared to make a charitable donation to One Cause UK which helps under priviledged children around get ahead thanks to education.

Mark Anastasi is coming to London again to present his first seminar of the year called the Ultimate Listbuilding Masterclass.

This will be held at a Central London hotel between the 29th and 31st January 2010.

List building is quoted by all the top marketers as being one of, if not the most important part of building a marketing business. So much so as they would be willing to forego a front end profit as they know that once they have built a relationship with those people it will yield returns many times that initial cost.

He will be pulling in speakers from around the world to share their knowledge and experience and will also be presenting himself.

100 tickets will be released mid January so go to the site now to find out more and to get on the priority notification list for this unique event.

preliminary speaker list
Chuck Mullaney, Keith Wellman, Simon Leung, Steven Essa, Tracey Repchuk, Reed Floren, Tellman Knudson, Brian Koz, Daniel Wagner, Saj P and Mark Anastasi.

Chris Howard and Think Big Education are bringing 10 of the big names in online marketing together in London for what is called the Ultimate Marketing Seminar.

Over 3 days from the 2nd to 4th September 2009 you will see experts in the fields of Search Engine Marketing, Membership sites, Affiliate Marketing, Joint Ventures and Ebay.

The speaker line up is:

Brad Fallon – Recently taken over the helm of Stompernet (after co-founding it), probably the worlds no 1 Search Engine Marketing Education faculty.

Simon Coulson – from redundancy to over 4 million in sales, this uk based internet entrepreneur will tell you how he did it.

Armand Morin – one of the world’s top internet marketers and a regular speaker. His internet businesses have generated more than $35,000,000 in online revenue.

Adam Ginsberg – probably the world’s No. 1 eBay trainer, he has made over $20 million dollars selling products on eBay from blliard tables to houses.

Daniel Wagner – UK based Internet Marketing Tutor will reveal his 4 step income generating to RECESSION PROOF your cashflow.

Len Foley – how to develop recurring income streams quickly and easily using membership sites. You will also learn of free and low cost traffic tactics and tools.

Dean Hyers –  a Camera Expert, he will guide on how to design compelling messages and connect with your audience.

Kerwin Rae – JV or Joint Venture Specialist reveals how to structure low risk, low cost profit based deals to cost effectively and rapidly acquire new clients .

James Schramko – Affiliate Marketer who will show you no-nonsense, step by step, tried and tested, real world models that will get your site making money while you sleep. 

Bernadette Doyle – one of the top Irish Internet Marketers will show you how to get big pay days from Teleseminars. 

 One of those not to miss events and if you get in now there are some free tickets available. Click here for more information and to book.

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