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At London’s Earls Court 2 we have on the 28th and 29th February 2012, four shows in one with a marketing theme.

TFM&A or Technology for Marketing and Advertising – the UK’s most long running and established marketing event, with both exhibitors and seminars. The seminars are themed and split into 6 theatres. CRM and Multi Channel, Data and Marketing Analytics, Content Management and Web Analytics, Email and Mobile, Social Media and Search Marketing.

OA&A or Online Advertising and Affiliate Expo – has two themed theatres, one covering Online Advertising and the other covering Affiliate Marketing. This is a good place for Agencies, Publishers, Media Buyers and Brand Agencies to come and meet ad and affiliate networks.

DMX or Direct Marketing Expo – has its own theatre covering Direct Marketing and is a good place to meet solution providers for list building, telemarketing, print and product.

Publishing Expo – with leading suppliers in the digital, print and mobile fields. The publishing expo offers four themed theatres on Digital and Muliti Publishing, Audience and Data, Production and Design, Content Agility.

Some of the keynotes for the event will be from Google, Yahoo, Experian, Online Marketing Institute, Ebay, Microsoft, IBM and O2 media.

Click here to find out more about the shows.

Internet World 2011 is being held between 10th and 12th May 2011 at Earls Court 2 London SW5 9TA.

There will be 6 themed theatres:

  • eCommerce, mCommerce and fulfilment theatre
  • Email, mobile and analytics theatre
  • Content management theatre
  • Hosting / web design and build theatre
  • Advertising, affiliate and search theatre
  • Future of social media theatre

and the keynote theatre. 

Some of the keynotes this year are:

  • Modelling customer behaviours to maximise sales and services
  • The future of the social web: Facebooks vision for brands being social
  • The internet of things: looking ahed to a new era of connectivity
  • “We sell, or else …” Applying David Ogilvy’s words online
  • How participation is creating deepening relationships with audiences
  • Social media and the talent economy
  • A panoramic look at global display advertising in 2011 and beyond
  • How Google measures the impact of display advertising
  • What brands can learn from NGO’s and politics: Mobilising your online advocates
  • The outlook of internet retailing
  • The future of online advertising – off line retail marketing
  • Opensource public cloud – this is actually rocket science
  • How Dixons retail group’s focus on customer experience monitoring has delivered and increased online sales
  • Marketing in tight times: efficiency and effectiveness
  • Leveraging mobile technology to change the face of the financial services industry
  • Ecommerce trends: Social retailing
  • The future innovations in search
  • Harnessing the power of cloud marketing for brands
  • The mobile revolution

Featuring Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Linked In, eBay, AmazonEricsson, the Central office of Information etc.

Click here to find out more about Internet World 2011.

A4U Expo, the Affiliate Marketing Conference and Exhibition is coming to ExCel London between 12th and 13th October 2010.

You can wander around the exhibition and chat with the affiliate networks, participate in the round table Q & A sessions , listen to the conference seminars  or attend the parties after 17:00 each day.

Some of the conference seminar topics are:

  • The advertisers guide to the complexity of the channel
  • The three pillars of SEO – an advanced review
  • How mobile is creating a buzz in the online performance marketing channel
  • Launching a brand into a fiercely competitive vertical
  • Advanced analytics for affiliates
  • Negative SEO: online nightmares come true
  • Open source and affiliates
  • Affiliate marketing insights : Retail
  • Using Broadcast and social media to acquire customers and win awards
  • SEO ranking factors in 2010
  • Under the hood affiliate management
  • The truth about cookie overwriting
  • Becoming an affiliate: A reality check
  • What is the real value of affiliate marketing
  • Online Marketing 2020
  • Successful information architecture
  • Mobile SEO and App strategy
  • Role of networks or industry bodies in shaping the user experience
  • The link whisperer: steting up you own link building network
  • Wake up! PPC is more than search
  • Managing reputation online; How do affiliates and social media change the game?
  • Behavioural retargetting and performance marketing
  • Affiliate is dead; Long live partner based performance marketing
  • Re-targetting for branding and affiliate sales in adwords
  • Blackhat protection and Q & A

That is probably about half of the seminars!

The speakers for the event are Andre Alpar, Patrick Altoft, Andreas Andreou, Carla Arrindell, Sanjit Atwal, Nadeem Azam, Matt Bailey, Jon Baron, Richard Baxter, Gary Beal, Ashton Berkhauer, Gary Bicker, Katrin-Anne Bischoff, Chris Bishop, Dr Karl Blanks, Marco Bossi, Matt Brown, Paul Brown, Vikki Chowney, Todd Crawford, Tom Critchlow, Will Critchlow, Sam Crocker, Ewan Darby, Malcolm Devoy, Michelle Dewberry, Rachel Diamond, Liane Dietrich, Kieron Donoghue, Kevin Edwards, Lurent Gibb, Kevin Gibbons, Robert Glasgow, Russell Goldsmith, Lee Grifin, Hero Grigoraki, David Hall, Owen Hewitson, Ian Howie, James Hudson, Nicky Iapino, Duncan Jennings, Ben Jesson, Dixon Jones, Tina Judic, Michael Kruse, John Lamerton, Tim Langley, Greg Le Tocq, Chris Liversidge, Mark Macdonald, Paul Madden, Gillian Malepeace, Antony Mayfield, Kirsty Mccubbin, David McDermott, Jon Myers, David Naylor, Alistair Nichols, Magnus Nilsson, Charlie Osmond, David Parfect, Joshna Patel, Marina Pettengell, Duncan Popham, Daniel Powel, Dush Ramachandran, Jamie Riddell, Fiona Robertson, Matt Rogers, Mark Russell Sri Sharma, Nick Smith, Helen Southgate, Silke Steffan, Julia Stent, Jonothan Stewart, Marcus Tandler, Stephen Taylor, Ralph Tegtmeier, Mike Tomkins, Bas Van Den Beld, Simon Waldman, Carl White, Dominik Wojcik, Chris Worthy and Pete Young.

If you want to find out more about A4U expo London, click here.

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