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Blak Pearl presents Unleash the Business Within to be held between the 13th and the 15th July 2012 at the Hotel Ibis, Earls Court London, SW6 1UD.

The speakers for the event will be:

  • Ruby Wax – actress, comedian, with a Psychotherapy Msc helping businesses with communication and understanding to provide a better, more productive workplace and client relations
  • Karren Brady – author, TV host and the first woman in football, as Managing Director of Birmingham City FC which she then took public
  • Paloma Vivanco-coutts – One of Alan’s ‘Apprentices’ on the BBC, is the editor of a start up business magazine and has launched her own online business
  • Saj P – author of 8 clickbank best sellers of which 5 became number ones, also known for his success with Cost per Action marketing and consulting with large organisations on traffic and conversions
  • Nik Halik – known as the thrillionaire, he is a wealth strategist, civilian astronaut, speaker, author who amassed wealth through savvy investments
  • Simon Coulson – in less than 8 years has generated over £8 million with his online businesses and also has at least 1 student who has made £2 million
  • Raymond Aaron –  a Success and Investment coach
  • Marko Kozlowski – built 12 multi million dollar companies and is known as an expert in delegation and system process engineering
  • Chris Johnson – grant and private funding expert
  • Will Duquette – Hypnotist, motivational speaker and wealth builder
  • Mark Nathwani – lifelong entrepreneur making money with retail, property and online businesses
  • John Lee – international speaker, author, internet marketer, and property mentor
  • Bill Walsh – speaker, author with a background in currency trading, business building and real estate development
  • Adam Ginsberg – author, speaker and ebay education provider based on his experience of selling 20 million dollars worth on ebay

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Mark Nathwani presents the Internet Success Weekend to be held at the Holiday Inn Express, Heathrow T5, SL3 8QB between 15th and 16th June 2012.

The aims of the event is to educate on

  • ways to create an online business from home
  • using free tools to do it
  • generate free traffic, make money and grow your business using social media

The speakers at the Success Weekend will be:

  • Simon Coulson – following a 14 year career at BT, he has now built three 7 figure businesses online in less than 7 years
  • Mark Nathwani – Speaker, Property Investor, Event Promoter, Coach and online entrepreneur
  • Cassie Hicks – Property Investor and now online entrepreneur from 2010, runs a website to help other women grow their own businesses
  • Zoe Cairns – Speaker and Social Media expert will share strategies, tools and automation
  • Pat Slattery – Motivational and Inspirational Speaker has shared the stage with some of the big names in personal development
  • Rob Cornish – Former fund manager started online April 2010 and generated $280,000 in his first year

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Blak Pearl presents Business 2012 to be held at London’s O2 between 18th and 20th March 2012.

This is a free event that celebrates entrepreneurship, innovation and success.

It boasts 200 seminars in 12 halls, 200 workshops in 6 halls, 166 exhibitors and 22 keynote presentations.

I have listed some of the speakers below, they range from the generally well known to the well known in their sphere of excellence, as follows:

Sir Richard Branson, Lord Sugar, Cherie Blair, Chris Johnson, Daniel Priestley, Greg Secker, JT Foxx, Jeff Vacek, KenPreuss, Shawn Casey, Brian Koz, Marco Kozlowski, Mark Nathwani, Mike Warren, Nigel Botterill, Nik Halik, Ralph Plumb, Raymond Aaron, Robert Allen, Saj Purkayastha, Simon Coulson, Simon Zutshi, Stedman Graham, Adam Ginsberg, Howard Graham, Penny Power, Minesh Bhindi, Ritu Sethi, Karen Gill, Maxine Benson, Mavis Amankwa, Will Duquette, Paloma Vivanco-Coutts, Nikki Hesford, Robert Allen, Kimberley Davis, Geoff Burch, Brad Burton, Paula Wynne, Nick Davies, Jonathan Yates, Carly Ward, John Lee, Shaa Wasmund, Robin Nixon, Emma Jones and Oliver Rothschild.

If you have a business or about to start one then there is likely to be something here to help you get to the next level, so click here to find out more about Business 2012.

Marsha Wright presents the Business Acceleration Bootcamp to be held between the 1st and 2nd April 2011 at the Wembley Business and Exhibition Centre, London HA9 7NB.

This is a seminar for existing business owners and budding entrepreneurs alike with strategies for launching a business to adding revenue streams.

Some of the speakers are:

  • Marsha Wright – author, speaker, presenter, mentor and serial entrepreneur will tell you strategies to increase your sales, get targetted leads on a budget, use social networking etc.
  • Eve Grace Kelly – is a success coach who will help you discover your true business purpose and also help you stayed focussed and on track.
  • David McQueen – public speaking and leadership expert will show you how to combat stage fright and use compelling language to get your audience to buy in to your message. 
  • Mark Nathwani – internet marketing expert, learn about using plr and resale rights material. Also about regular monthly income with membership sites.

The other Business Acceleration Bootcamp experts are Zina Arinze, Vinden Grace, Timi Orija, Soroya Gibson, Sohail Khan, Simon Wright, Paul Henry, Olamide Agbaimoni, Nicci Fletcher, Naomi Sesay, Michelle Lavene Jones, Maurice Ellington, Mark l’Anson, Malakh Zebulun, Madeline Mcqueen, Mac Antram, Julie Oli, Jos Hall, Jenice Revers, Enomfon Newton, Edith Okadigwe, Dionne Jude, David M Kelly, Cheryl Henry, Arlene Samuels, Anietie Eka, Andy and Simone Phillips.

There are some bonuses for attending including the recordings of the event available online.

To find out more about the Business Acceleration Bootcamp, click here.

The Rapid Business Marketing seminar is being held on 29th July 2010 at the Thistle Barbican, London between 08:45 and 19:00.

The seminar will cover the following:

  • Mindset
  • Offline Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Website Usability
  • Joint Ventures


The speakers who will also be available for networking are:

  • Mark Nathwani – Property and Internet Entrepreneur who has a PLR and Resell Rights membership site 
  • Senh Lou – specialises in business structuring and systemisation
  • Julia Serbanete and Amir Nazir – specialise in Video Marketing
  • Tik Bhayani – specialises in Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing ( SEO and SEM )
  • Ciaran Doyle – International speaker and Google Adwords expert
  • Collette Mason – website usability expert
  • Sohail Khan – International speaker, President of the JV university and founder of the Joint Venture group

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Steve Foley and eConfex presents the first annual Internet Marketers Ball to be held at the Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow, London between 14th and 16th May 2010.

The event is 3 long days including learning from speakers, networking, an evening dinner and a live band.

The speakers are:

  • Simon Coulson – Internet Marketing
  • Saj P – CPA and ebay
  • Thomas Power – Chairman of Ecademy
  • Chuck Mullaney – Internet Marketing and JV’s
  • Tony Sharpe – Membership and Internet Marketing
  • Dean Hunt – Buzz Marketer and Branding
  • Mili Ponce and Paul O’Mahony – Twitter and Social Media
  • Mark Nathwani – PLR and Resell rights
  • Tik Bhayani – SEO
  • Sohail Khan – JV university
  • Ciaran Doyle – Internet Marketing and traffic
  • Paul Elliott – Internet Entrepreneur and Social Strategies
  • Phil Henderson – Simple SEO
  • Tom Miller – Facebook
  • Vincent Wong and John Lee – adwords and PPC

Click here to find out more.

The live band is Simon Coulson‘s, The Sleeves. They played a song at London’s O2  in October 2009 during the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp and you can hear more from them at this event and socialise.

Steve Foley of e-Confex presents the Wealth Creation Summit, to be held at the Park Inn Hotel, Bath Road, Heathrow, UB7 0DU.

The Summit will be held between 09:00 on 6th February 2010 and 18:00 on 7th February 2010.

There is a line up of both established and ‘new’ speakers across a variety of subjects as follows:

Saj P – his products include: Affiliate Funnel System, Affiliate Payload, Four Tier Annihilation Method, Zero Friction Marketing and The Site Rush which were all best sellers on clickbank. He started with ebay but is best known for his Cost per Action marketing expertise.

Simon Coulson – an ex BT employee who has netted over 6 million with his internet businesses and is one of the UK’s top internet marketers and coaches. One of the product he provides is a DVD home study course amongst the 200+ websites.

Neil Stafford – another one of the UK’s top marketers, Neil is an expert in membership sites and public domain profits.

Mac Antrim -Chairman of the YES group, mindset and motivational speaker

Suraj Gokani – a UK Options Trading Specialist

Mark Nathwani – owner of Genie Dream will speak on making money with Resell Rights and PLR products.

Brian Croucher – Internet and Property Mentor

Click here to find out more and to book.

Steve Foley and e-Confex present the Wealth Creation Summit, to be held at the Novotel Hotel, Cherry Lane, West Drayton, Heathrow.

The Summit will be held between 09:00 on 28th November 2009 and 18:00 on 29th November 2009.

There is a line up of new and established speakers across a variety of subjects as follows:

Saj P – his products include: Affiliate Payload, Four Tier Annihilation Method,  Affiliate Funnel System, Zero Friction Marketing and The Site Rush which were all clickbank best sellers. He is best known for his expertise in Cost per Action marketing.

Simon Coulson – the ex BT man who has netted over 6 million with his internet businesses to become one of the UK’s top internet marketers and coach. He also provides a DVD home study course.

Dr David Kyte – one of the few people that have been invited to speak at Stompernet ( the world’s premier SEO training faculty ). He is probably the UK’s number 1 expert in this field.

Dr Javaid Kiyani is a Property entrepreneur and author of best selling property books HMO Property Riches and Your Property Bible for which he is well known. He will tell you how he did it.

Sarah Staar – who quietly makes money on the internet whilst doing SEO consultancy and running a video production business. Sarah’s latest venture is her own Internet TV station.

Mark NathwaniGenie Dream creator will talk on PLR and Resell Rights products and how to make money with them.  

Paul Elliott – Entrepreneur, coach and Social Media expert. Paul will show you how to grow your business using Social Media.

Peter Burnett – Web Designer Peter will show you how to make your site stand out from the crowd.

David Lee – One of the UK’s top Property Lease Options experts. Working with Ric Otton his programs are Buy a house for a pound and Transaction Engineer.

Mili Ponce – a former systems administrator discovered twitter and other social media sites and has devised a system to drive traffic to your business. 

Tom J Miller – is also into using Social Media to drive traffic, but he adds his own effective little twists to achieve that bit more.

To find out more and to book, click here.

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